Himod® Technology

The Perfect Formula for High Performance

HiMod® Technology is a breakthrough formula created by Blacklidge that produces super fine, thin-film bonding agents that hold together with superior strength. HiMod® is naturally resistant to oxidation and creates a water-resistant membrane when in place. Additionally, with low levels of volatile compounds, HiMod® produces environmentally-conscious products that are durable as well.

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UltraTack®, UltraFuse®, UltraArmor™ and UltraPrime™ are fortified by our HiMod® Technology. These four core products are engineered to fit the specific needs of your projects, saving you time and money.

U-icon-1 UltraTack®


UltraTack® is a specially formulated asphalt emulsion that yields a fast setting, non-tracking tack coat. How fast? In less than 10 minutes under normal paving conditions, you are ready to pave with no tracking.

This product also delivers a substantially stronger bond between layers that reduces shoving and movement. Compared to its tack coat predecessor, UltraTack® helps contractors achieve better road density with less compactive effort while saving time and money. Blacklidge holds several patents for non-tracking tack and bond coat technology.

Gone are the days of tack coating that leave unsightly and potentially unsafe tracking on adjacent roadways, bridges and intersections. Introducing UltraTack®, The Original Trackless Tack.


  • Non-tracking interlayer tack coating
  • Apply using conventional distributor—no special equipment required
  • Rapid setting–begin paving in 5-20 minutes
  • Age-resistant
  • Reduces compaction effort
  • Reduces cleanup cost (No Sanding, No Power washing)
  • Cleaner, better-looking projects
  • Can increase fatigue life by over 50% for a dense-graded HMA overlay*
  • Eliminates adhesive removal from wheel paths
  • High bond strength reduces change for slippage failure

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U-icon-2 UltraFuse®

The Strongest Bond

UltraFuse® provides a thick bond coating that creates a significantly stronger, monolithic bond for the porous and thin asphalt mixes over existing concrete and asphalt surfaces. Blacklidge’s globally patented formula uses HiMod® Technology blended with specialized additives and polymers to greatly enhance bond strength. The strong bonding characteristics of UltraFuse®, combined with its extremely fast non-tracking capabilities, delivers a powerful bond coat that can counteract fragile OGFC while substantially extending the life of the road. This product also reinforces thin layers of dense grade HMA.

While Open-Graded Friction Course (OGFC) permeability reduces the risk of hydroplaning, it’s also more susceptible to raveling and maintenance issues. Enter UltraFuse®: The strongest monolithic bond for porous asphalt mix. Period.

Key Benefits

  • Applied in a thick coat that bonds tightly to OGFC mixes
  • Apply with  conventional heated distributor-no specialized equipment required
  • Ready for paving in less than one minute
  • Reduces lateral expansion of asphalt under compaction
  • Can be used as a joint sealer
  • No bleeding
  • The strongest bond on the market, creating monolithic pavements
  • Can increase fatigue life by over 50% for an OGFC*
  • Ideal for asphalt overlays on concrete
  • Stabilizes thin asphalt overlays, such as SMA
  • Great “Bite” with Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

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U-icon-3 UltraPrime™

Lock Out Moisture

UltraPrime™ is a specially-formulated non-tracking asphalt emulsion prime coat that’s sprayed on top of the aggregate base to seal and create a waterproof layer. This product maintains the integrity of the base layer by shielding the base from water intrusion and evaporation. UltraPrime™ stays put due to its natural non-tracking characteristics, thus, eliminating the need for sanding and plotting of the primed surface. Ultimately, this provides a reliable working platform for paving equipment and a stable foundation for the construction of your road.

Don’t waste valuable time with a subpar prime. Protect the base layer with an UltraPrimed foundation.


  • Non-tracking prime coat for aggregate base
  • Ready for paving in 10-45 minutes
  • Apply with conventional distributor-no specialized equipment required
  • Seals spaces in unbound aggregate to prevent erosion, intrusion, or moisture evaporation
  • Increases fatigue life of pavements

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U-icon-4 UltraArmor™

Protection from the elements

UltraArmor™ provides a non-tracking and protective  fog seal that reinforces OGFC, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and chipseal surfaces. The protective coat also reduces the damaging effects of UV exposure, oxidation and moisture intrusion. The warm-applied high-performance asphalt emulsion fog seal utilizes fast-setting technology that doesn’t track. Furthermore, UltraArmor™ can be applied to pre-existing asphalt pavements to enhance roadway appearance and provide protection for safer, longer-lasting roads.

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is constantly assaulted by extreme weather, UV degradation and traffic stresses. Fight back with UltraArmor™.

Key Benefits

  • Warm-applied fog seal reinforces road surfaces
  • Trackless surface fog seal
  • Ultra-fast set time (less than 45 minutes under normal paving conditions)
  • Reduces weathering and the damaging effects of UV exposure
  • Extends life of roadway
  • Gives older roadways a new blacktop look and feel
  • Seals preexisting cracks (hairline cracks or cracks under 1/8 in.)
  • Spray-applied with a traditional distributor
  • Enhances safety stripes

What Does Innovation Really Mean?

Early in my career in the asphalt and emulsion industry, “innovation” seemed like a dirty word. It meant putting more work into something that was just a commodity. No one seemed to be thinking about a commodity product as something that could make a positive difference for communities. But innovation…

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* Based on bond and fatigue loss studies that investigate insufficient tack coat coverage and/or application rate-issues commonly associated with improper product selection, adhesive removal (tracking) and poor application/construction practices. Product selection does not ensure implementation of proper surface preparation, product application and construction techniques.