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Products Powered by HiMod®

The power of HiMod™ can be found within Blacklidge’s family of non-tracking products— UltraTack®, UltraFuse®, UltraPrime™ and UltraArmor™—ensuring they stay put during the road construction process.

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High Performance Products

Product Description
UltraTack® Non-Tracking Tack Coating material that generally dries in approx 10 minutes (NTSS-1HM – Trackless Tack)
UltraFuse® Hot applied bond coat that dries in under 30 seconds
UltraArmor™ High performance trackless fog seal
UltraPrime™ High performance trackless prime coat

Utility Cationic Emulsions for Surface Treatment and Tack Coats

Product Description
CRS-1/2/2H used in surface treatments and tack coating
CRS-2P/2L used in surface treatments
CQS-1H/HP material used with slurry seals or as a tack coat
CSS-1H material used with slurry seals, as a tack coat, and other surface treatments

Utility Anionic Emulsions for Tack Coats

Product Description
SS-1 Tack Coat
SS-1H Tack Coat
SS-1 BUCKETS Tack Coat in a bucket

Utility Cutbacks & Prime Coats

Product Description
MC-70 Primer of base material of roadways with a minimum of 70 Viscosity
EPR-1 PRIME Primer of base material (cationic emulsion)
AEP PRIME Primer of base material (anionic emulsion)

Liquid Asphalt

Product Description
PG 64-22 Neat Asphalt with High End of 64 Degrees C
PG 67-22 Neat Asphalt with High End of 67 Degrees C
PG 76-22 Polymer-modified Asphalt with High End of 76 Degrees C

Fog Seals

Product Description
LD-7 (TRACKLESS FOG SEAL) A fast drying fog seal derived from NTSS-1HM


We use UltraFuse® as our bonding coat. It's the most cost-effective and high-performance solution.

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