Go Green With GuardTop

GuardTop is proud to be a Leed Certified U.S. Green Building Counsel Member

The GuardTop Advantage

The goal of GuardTop is to produce an asphalt seal coating that has deeper and longer-lasting color, firmer body and greater durability than any other product in the industry.

Since 1983, GuardTop seal coating products have been in the business of pavement preservation. Our goal is to protect and preserve asphalt investments. With over half a century of experience, GuardTop chemists and engineering personnel have produced a seal coat that is consistent in strength and quality in each and every batch. Our unique formula consists of the highest quality additives coupled with the highest residual water proofing materials in the industry. We constantly produce a seal coat with deeper, longer-lasting color, firmer body and greater durability than any other product on the market.

GuardTop is free of carcinogenic materials, nonflammable and made with the environment in mind. With pavement preservation as our goal, we use recycled materials there-by reducing the environmental impact and preserving asphalt surfaces for generations to come.

The extra care and forethought we take in manufacturing GuardTop seal coat has set our product above all others in the industry. GuardTop is the gold standard specified by school districts, government agencies, high profile retail chains and facility management companies.

Seal Coating Benefits

Asphalt surfaces are in a constant state of deterioration. Heat, cold, rain and the Sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the binders that hold the surface together. Left untreated, an asphalt surface has a very short life span and is extremely costly to replace. Conversely, if an asphalt surface is maintained with a high quality seal coating product then it can last for generations to come.

GuardTop seal coating products protect hot asphalt surface from water and moisture penetration, heat, cold and ultraviolet damage. GuardTop’s fillers help smooth out the surface and make the streets quieter. Our deep, long lasting color and texture also help beautify the community and create newness to existing streets.

The GuardTop Preferred Applicator

At GuardTop we take pride in our select group of Seal Coating and Asphalt Contractors. We have designated this group as “GuardTop Preferred Applicators” due to their exceptional knowledge, experience and longevity within the industry.

Our conscientious preferred applicators not only provide great service, they have the skill and knowledge to apply GuardTop to our rigorous specifications. This select group is trained in all aspects of seal coat application, they demonstrate the professionalism and meet our gold standard expectations within the asphalt industry. When choosing a GuardTop Preferred Applicator, you are guaranteed a high quality job.
Our products are made with many recycled materials. Many of these materials make our secret formula longer lasting and more consistent than any other product on the market.

The Recycled materials in our products help:

  • Re-Forestation projects.
  • Reduce airborn atmospheric dust.
  • Recycle materials such as cellulose fibers.
  • Reduce environmental impact caused by replacing asphalt surfaces.