December 15, 2016 - Ronnie Blacklidge retires after 50 years in the road construction industry

Brittany Blacklidge, CEO and President of Blacklidge, will continue his father’s legacy of innovation, focusing on product development and building safer, longer-lasting roads.

Blacklidge announced the retirement of Ronnie Blacklidge, Sr. today after 26 years at Blacklidge. Brittany Blacklidge, Ronnie’s son, has been leading the company since 2009 and will continue to serve as the company’s CEO and President. “It is incredible to look back on my father’s 50+ year career and see all of his amazing accomplishments. If you look close enough, you can see my father’s fingerprints all around this company,” said Brittany Blacklidge.

Ronnie Blacklidge founded Blacklidge Emulsions in 1990. Blacklidge’s first product was an asphalt emulsion that was used to control dust on unpaved surfaces and that could also be used as a prime coat. Blacklidge patented this asphalt emulsion and named it EPR-1 Prime. This product became the DOT standard in Mississippi and other neighboring states in the South. The success of this innovative product allowed for investment into the production of other products including SS-1 (Tack Coat) and CRS-2/2P (Chip seal emulsion).

Product development and research drive Blacklidge while customer service provides a solid foundation for the company. “My father viewed customer service as his #1 priority and he placed the utmost importance on building long-lasting client relationships,” said Brittany Blacklidge. “We view our growth and prosperity as a direct result of our client centered focus at Blacklidge.”

2016 has been a tremendous year of growth for the Gulfport-based company with the launch of HiMod Technology®, the proprietary formula that produces super fine, thin-film bonding agents and powers UltraTack®, the Original Trackless Tack, and UltraFuse®. Harnessing ground breaking technology such as HiMod®, Blacklidge works tirelessly to build safer, longer-lasting roads for contractors, D.O.T.’s, counties and municipalities throughout the Southeast.

“Even though my father is retiring, I’m sure he’ll continue to be a constant fixture at the office or plant. He is so proud of all of us at the company and what we have built together. I am looking forward to many great years ahead and continuing my father’s legacy of service and excellence,” said Brittany Blacklidge.

About Blacklidge Emulsions

Blacklidge is a leading innovator, producer and distributor of asphalt products. Based in Gulfport, Mississippi, Blacklidge has several facilities across the Southern United States. Blacklidge manufactures several superior asphalt products—such as UltraTack and UltraFuse®—with their proprietary technology, HiMod®. Family-owned and operated since its inception in 1990, Blacklidge prides itself on its legacy of building safer, longer-lasting roads.

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