Liquid Anti-strip

Our ReBind™ series of anti-stripping agents is engineered to promote improved asphalt/aggregate bonding by resisting the harmful effects of moisture on asphalt mixes. Designed to enhance the performance of rejuvenators, including ReGen®, ReBind’s unique chemistry is compatible with most asphalt modifiers (including PPAs) and aggregate types.

Developing a strong, asphalt binder-aggregate interface ensures a durable, long-lasting pavement.

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Upping the Ante: Making Asphalt Pavements Age-Resistant

Key Benefits

  • Combines industry leading technology at a highly competitive price point 
  • Improves asphalt mix durability by mitigating the impact associated with moisture-related issues 
  • Blending can be performed at the asphalt terminal or contractor’s asphalt plant 
  • Capable of improving mix workability 
  • Designed to be compatible with PPAs and other asphalt modifiers 
  • Designed to enhance the performance of rejuvenators in mixes containing reclaimed bind
  • The value of Blacklidge’s exceptional service, support and reliability

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