Performance Surface Regeneration System

ReGenX® is an age-regenerating surface treatment that is sprayed onto existing asphalt pavements using conventional distributor trucks. The ReGenX emulsion dries on the pavement surface leaving a thin layer of asphalt-regenerating agents. These agents slowly penetrate the pavement, “healing” the aged and oxidized asphalt along the way.

ReGenX® is not just a superficial treatment that covers up the damaged asphalt pavement, instead ReGenX penetrates the existing pavement to chemically restore the aged asphalt binder. The result is a renewed surface layer with years of additional service life.

Applying ReGenX every 3-4 years in a routine maintenance program will extend the life of your pavement investment for a number of years.

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Upping the Ante: Making Asphalt Pavements Age-Resistant

Key Benefits

  • Limited surface preparation
  • Apply using conventional distributor—no special equipment required
  • Darkens oxidized pavements
  • Does not require re-striping
  • Reverses effects of asphalt oxidation
  • Routine treatments extend the life of the pavement

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