Innovation drives all that we do at Blacklidge. Our team are experts in the materials and processes used in road construction; this helps us anticipate the needs of the market with cutting-edge solutions. Our products are powered by technology platforms that ensure performance and reliability in every application.

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The Perfect Formula for High Performance

HiMod® Technology is a breakthrough formula created by Blacklidge that produces true non-tracking, thin-film bonding agents that hold together with superior strength. HiMod is naturally resistant to oxidation and creates a water-resistant membrane when in place. HiMod powers UltraTack® and UltraFuse® products on the road today.

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Age Renewing Technology

ReSet® is an “age-renewing” technology platform for treating aged asphalt that is oxidized and damaged. ReSet works by restoring the performance properties of asphalt either by directly treating an aged road surface, or by repairing asphalt in the recycling process of RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) or RAS (recycled asphalt shingles).

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The Latest From Our Blog

ReGen-erating Aged Binder

Recently, I was honored to represent Blacklidge and speak to a knowledgeable group of industry attendees at the Virginia Pavement Research & Innovation Symposium in Culpepper, VA.  The presentation highlighted the fact that the average quality and expected lifespan of asphalt pavements in the United States has recently declined, despite improvements in material technology, equipment technology and historically unprecedented information sharing capabilities. This demonstrates that declining infrastructure performance is not solely a problem of lacking innovation or access to information. It is clearly also a problem of misinformation and lack of implementation of existing and even preexisting innovative technologies. Japan…

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