ReSet® Technology

ReSet® is an “age-regenerating” technology platform for treating aged asphalt that is oxidized and damaged. ReSet works by restoring the performance properties of asphalt binder by directly treating an aged road surface, or by repairing asphalt when using recycled materials such as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) or RAS (recycled asphalt shingles).

ReSet Products

ReGen® ReGen® is a revolutionary new product by Blacklidge that restores characteristically flawed asphalt binder, such as RAP and RAS, to a highly durable and age-resistant state.
ReGenX® ReGenX® is an age-regenerating surface treatment that slowly penetrates the pavement, “healing” the aged and oxidized asphalt along the way.
ReBind™ Our ReBind™ series of anti-stripping agents is engineered to promote improved asphalt/aggregate bonding by resisting the harmful effects of moisture on asphalt mixes.

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